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Recommended Feed Rates


There might be advantages to starting some sort of community excel worksheet listing the criteria of the recommended feed rates. Such as, depth of cut, feed rate, type of bit, type of wood (material) being cut etc…
Each parameter influences the other in some fashion. Without capturing what matters most will not be very beneficial. This way everyone who would like to list a successful, or unsuccessful setting would be encouraged to do so, and would have the parameters needed to report this information. Just a thought.


In the Wiki there are places to report these in both the Router Bits and Stock Materials pages.


Reviving this old thread…

Fusion 360 has roughing / finishing passes built in to 2d contours, as well as “Feed Optimization” which automatically slows down the feedrate on corners. There’s a lot of parameters to look at, but Fusion 360 has really excellent mouseover tooltips, and I think the defaults are probably more for conventional mills and will require some tweaking to work well with a maslow, but they’re there.


So after doing a cut with Fusion 360’s Feed Optimization, I think a trapezoidal speed adjustment in Ground Control (read: acceleration) would be really nice. It didn’t end up causing any particular issues on my piece because it was going so slow, but it was a bit odd to see the machine jerk from one speed to another. The acceleration ramp up/down probably only needs to be a few millimeters at most but it would probably make for much smoother feed rate transitions.