Relative Pros/Cons

Hello there.

I am looking at getting one of these for various uses. I’m not really sure what I will use it for yet, but I’m thinking anything from furniture-making to detailed custom designs/logos. Would this CNC be a good fit for me? After browsing the forums I’m most worried about precision and tuning over time. After the initial setup and tuning, is this a machine that I will have to constantly be tweaking in order to get good cuts? I understand that there is a lot of setup involved and a delicate calibration process, but (for example) will I have to re-calibrate every couple of days/weeks/months? As an alternative, I am looking at the BobsCNC E4 kit, which has a much higher price point but is more of a plug-and-play or turnkey system.

What are y’all’s thoughts?

I have so far averaged a recalibration quarterly. If something goes wrong, you may just need to reset the chains, which isn’t super difficult.

back up your groundcontrol.ini file and mark your chains after they feed out and you will “never” have to re calibrate.

Bob’s cnc is only 2x2 feet, hardly big enough for most furniture projects.

if you will mostly do smaller signs, then get the xy type small cnc’s longmill is a decnet price and also open source.

if you will mostly do furniture get a maslow kit that includes a proper z axis or make your own meticulous one. dont rely on the ridgid routers’ lead screw too many issues with the original setup IMHO.