Reorient (Rotate about Z) Feature in Ground Control

Hello all,

Just curious to know if there is a reorient feature inside of ground control to help maximize the cutting capablity of the Maslow and minimize scrap. In most 3D printing software, users have the ability to rotate the model in 3D space., I was just curious if a feature exists inside ground control to just rotate about the Z and if not what would one need to do to accommodate such a request. If this is a topic once brought up before I apologize.

Thanks again.

That’s outside the abilities of GC, but GcodeRipper can do that and more. You can use it to rotate, scale or translate a file, or save a portion of the file.

Shouldn’t we Maslow owners have this ability to manipulate our own files within GC?

What should the purpose of GC be? should it be a full CAD/CAM/g-code
manipulation tool? or should it be a tool to feed g-code file that’s created by
any of a bunch of other tools to the hardware?

Right now, everyone is forced to use GC, because it’s the only thing that
can calibrate a machine. Once we get it so that people can calibrate the machine
with other tools, then I don’t care what you do with GC (or how many kitchen
sinks you bolt on to it), because I will have the option of using other tools.

But right now, GC is mandatory, and so I think we should keep it fairly simple
and direct, at least until people have other options.

David Lang