How to move/rotate parts

Is there a way to move/rotate parts in GroundControl? I really miss information on the workflow after gcode generation. I have gcode generated in Fusion360. It comes in rotated 90 degrees (seems x and y are swapped). I want to rotate the part so it aligns with the stock that I have mounted on the Maslow. How do I do this? I couldn’t find anything in the wiki.



no, that would involve re-generating the g-code, and Ground Control only
executes g-code, it doesn’t create or modify it.

I believe the best practice is to orient the parts in your design software and then use Ground Control to set up how that design will “print”. In other words, get the parts how you want them in your design software and don’t plan on messing with them in GC.

Hope this helps!


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I wish we could more easily move and rotate individual parts in GC. The problem is that there is no standard way for each part to be differentiated in the gcode file so we can only do things which affect all of the parts at the same time. We can move them to a new location using the “define home” button, and we could add an option to rotate all the parts if that is something we all want, but we can’t move or rotate individual parts, that has to happen in the CAM software.

I would think the ability to rotate “all objects” would be useful but not a priority when compared to other outstanding issues. Just my .02


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This is actually an interesting issue.
It would indeed be nice if GC could generate it’s own gcode, import svg, place it on the work area and then cut. This way it could be far more economic with the material, Specially when cutting parts out of leftover material.

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I’ve thought about that too. I think GC being able to import files (dxf, svg…etc) and generate gcode would be really powerful. We’ve got some other issues to track down first, but let’s keep it in mind as an option for when we run out of bugs

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There are a LOT of things needed in GC and the firmware before adding CAM
capabilities gets near the top of the priority list (now, if someone contributes
something, it can jump the queue… )

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In my case I only need an option to rotate all parts in 90 degree increments. Having one that can flip X or Y is already an extra.


a process to edit the g-code to switch x and y is not that hard, one to switch
all X values + and - is a bit messier (+ is usually not used in the file)

anything beyond that gets really messy.

All in good time, In a way i hope Maslow will be very basic and simple. ‘Like a drillpress’. And that the added features are as simple as possible to the enduser. Still i will share any crazy idea that pops into my mind, since it might just inspire someone else to simplify it in a powerful manner.