Restarting an interrupted program

3 hours and 3+ mins into a 3 hour and 15 minute cut my router overheated and tripped the breaker on the power strip that the motor controller was plugged into. I’m sure there is a way to restart from where I left off I just don’t know the proper way. Is that procedure jotted down anywhere?

These buttons here:

Will let you jump to a particular line in a file or jump ahead one line or to the next z-axis move. Use them with a little caution because it’s not always safe to jump to a random spot in gcode and expect everything to resume correctly since gcode lines often rely on information from the previous line to run correctly

Thank you.

I actually figured it out myself kind of by accident. You can answer a few questions while you’re here.

Along these lines, I think i mentioned it at some other point, but it would be a good idea (i don’t think it’s been implemented yet) to add ‘sequence number’ recognition/organization to GC.

As I understand it, this would allow one to output complex (multi step/tool/part) G-Code and jump, or reset to, or skip blocks of code most easily.

The better GC is at interpreting complex G-Code (in the model of the larger CNC world, ie: work offsets, etc.) the better for all of us.