Review my frame design please

Hi there,

I am planning to weld a maslow frame (of 35mm square metal tubes).

I came up with this drawing. Please comment on this. If needed I can share the SketchUp file or export it to another format and share that.

The secondary purpose for this frame is wood/lumber storage.


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Are you planning for use of a waste panel of some sort? If so, a mechanism to clamp or screw it on might be a good addition.

Is this your first frame? If so I would recommend Doug a wood frame first as you will learn much about your preferences and options.

Yeah this is my first frame yeah. I will put a base plywood on it which stays on it. So I can screw waste panels on it. Thx for the tip.

make it so that you can move the top beam in and out so that you can adjust it’s position to what’s appropriate for the wasteboard/workpiece thickness that you are working on.

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I’m glad you asked.
Support the ends of the top bar to ensure there is no chance of the motors flexing. I found out the hard way that things can be more flexible than they seem. Maybe consider making the rest of the frame the same width, as opposed to just 8’. Square tube is the way to go. I definitely don’t want to do it again but if I ever did it would be square tube.

Might also be a good idea to run a horizontal tube across the back.

Also consider adding triangles for better support.

Consider adding supports for skirting around all four sides. I considered it and decided I didn’t need it, which was wrong (if you want to cut near the edges).

I can recommend using weights and pulleys across the top bar for chain slack, as opposed to bungees. How and where will you mount the pulleys?

I made my top bar adjustable and never have needed to move it and I cut 1/4” and 3/4” frequently with zero problems. Great idea in theory but not necessary in practice. Don’t waste the time and effort on it.

Great idea! Thx

Great that you’ve reviewed this!

Not sure about this because it would make it a lot bigger overal.

You mean something like the 45 degree 2x4 in the default frame?

I will just drill holes and bolt it to the metal top bar.

If I can find something easy for this at the construction market I’ll consider it. But I also take your advice of it being not important.

Can I see a picture of your frame with this in place?

my build:

Regarding “triangles”, I’m not that familiar with the “default” frame design. I’m just referring to using triangle supports to make things more structurally sound. In very simplistic terms, if you build a square, its corners do not have as much strength to resist forces applied to them compared to adding an additional support to make a triangle in each corner of the square.