Right motor calibration

So I’ve hit my first issue.

when I calibrate to center the motors the left responds to 360, 5, 1, 0.1 but the right moves approximately 200deg on 5, 1, 0.1 and an error message for the 360


I then have to reflash to get it responding again.

any ideas?
pcb 1.2
Grbl v1.00
firmware (ide shows 1.8.21) downloaded 1.26
ground control 1.26

arh! arduinos, just turned everthing off, had a cup of coffee and it all works again. mmm

I do prefer to know what went wrong, oh well on to the next step.

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Oh wow. We need some comparing if anyone can replicate that, for a fast exclusion that it’s in the firm-/soft-ware.
Hardware i would target the encoder itself, or/and the cable and measure the ohm’s on all wires.

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I did swap the motor wires over to see if it was a motor and nothing was working, so I switched it all back and as above, went for a coffee.

usually beer works in these situations but this time it needed caffine

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@gero thanks for a super quick reply, I think it must have been either reseating the cables or the arduino.

as a side note its handy having wireless out to the shed

It’s a full working week until i get back to the workshop, but the 360 test for both motors is on my list.
Will add this :slight_smile:

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@Gero what is this level device? I must get one!

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I’ve been using a 7" level as the first picture shows, I just purchased a bunch
of cheap magnetic level bubbles, we’ll see how well they work when they arrive
on the slow boat from china. (the 7" level is big enough and the magnet on the
bottom weak enough to be hard to use)

David Lang

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