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Rigid router died after 6 months of use

My router died today, not feeling to hopeful, that Rigid will stand behind their warranty. I have the z axis controller that came with the Maslow, am I stuck buying another Rigid? I jury rigged an old Craftsman router, it works but is loud any body have any ideas for me?


did you burn through the brushes? can you get a set and repair it?


I am not sure. It just happened yesterday. I am disappointed in Ridgid, still waiting on a response from them for warranty service. I have an old craftsman router I found hooked up to an router table I had forgot I had. Cut the handles off to make it fit, got a bungee cord holding it to the work surface so the z-axis seems to be working find…knock on wood. I ordered a Ryobi R163GK from Amazon, hoping I can finagle that to work also…and it was only like $80…I love this Maslowcnc, but it has been one constant learning curve.

If Ridgid does not honor a warranty, I will look for a set of brushes…six months though…seems like a short life for a $180 dollar router. And I never run them all day.

I would like to thank everyone here for this project, and it success’s! Thanks for sharing.


Not the lowest cost replacement, but the all knowing Giggle coughed this up. Seems to be many other sources, perhaps that part number will help. Many comments in CNC forums about wearing out brushes on all brands of handheld routers which really aren’t designed for our sustained use, the DeWilt trim routers, for example, are so bad they’re being dropped by CNC makers for Makitas. Should say I don’t recall any Ridgid brush complaints here.

Thank you! I ordered a set…I hope that is the issue…still no word from Ridgid regarding warranty

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FEIW, The Den of Tools YouTube channel just discussed Ridgid’s extended service contract. Apparently it’s not a lifetime warranty, it’s agreement they can alter at any time. They seem to be moving away from it for newer products and offering a longer actual warranty. 3 years iirc

Of course everything on the internet should be treated with skepticism :slight_smile:

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Rick, That rigid router will work (I originally started out with it) but…it doesn’t have variable speed and you are stuck at 27,000 RPM. It’ll cut, but you will have to slow your feedrate down a bunch to get the bit to cut more than it grinds. I had a lot of edge burning with mine. I eventually traded it out with a Skil that I got from Lowes, and then upgraded to the Meticulous Z-axis to get the depth of cut needed. Just a word of caution on the Ryobi. Again, it will work, but it doesn’t have variable speed.