Rigid Router Z axis backlash

Is backlash on the Z axis being experienced by others?
Got the recommended Rigid Router.
If you set the bit to the surface of wood and define zero, and then retract bit (say 5mm) does not leave any play or movement.
Then plunge the bit (say 5mm) the bit does not go back to the surface of the wood. It is going about 3mm, but I can gentle slide the router the rest of the way to the full 5mm.
There are two “cut springs” that did not go to anything else in the build.
Are these to help with backlash on the Rigid router?

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Backlash, very much yes. The solution is simple, though - use some form of bungee cord to pull the router body toward the sled. I looped one from one handle over the top to the other handle. An easy, cheap fix.


Thank you blurfl, that is a very sensible solution.
Do you know about the two “cut springs” I have left over?
Size of a very small wire keyring with one end beginning to spiral into the center.

They are of the nature of ‘pocket screws’ or ‘bilge fasteners’ - extras, to be lost during construction as a sacrifice to the deities. No, seriously I believe those were used in the very first beta instructions but no longer needed as the process evolved. I imagine they were packaged into the kit way back before the change occurred.
The bungee cord idea isn’t mine, but I’ve lost the link to the originator’s thread on the old forum :disappointed:.


Again thank you.
I have been through the build steps again and again accounting for bits and pieces.
The Z backlash bungee fix looks to do the trick.

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I’ve created a Z-axis adjustments wiki page and added this tip. Please feel free to edit for clarity. Add a pict, etc.


I was thinking about drilling and tapping for a physical attachment between the two pieces… but the bungee seems less prone to me breaking things :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking of making a Z axis motor mount to attach directly to the Rigid router rather than the sled. Anyone have thoughts on this?

I do not have the Rigid router but from the pictures it appears that it can be done by mounting the lower bracket into the ear of the base? Then you get less distance for flex in the bracket.

I am late to the party on this but why not just add z axis backlash compensation to the software. Should be simple on direction change add the amount of backlash for that direction to the distance to be moved. Not sure but it’s a thought.