Z Axis on suggested Rigid Router

I noticed while working with the maslow, that sometimes the router doesn’t return to the appropriate height after a Z axis raise and lower sequence, instead of having to watch the entire cut sequence i thought of putting some sort of spring or something then I had a stroke of redneck engineering genius…

I used 3 Hair Ties and it seems to be working great! no return problems what so ever.


Looks like that works. See here for more info: Z-Axis Bungee To Ensure Correct Depth


I should have known someone else had already came up with something already, thank you very much @Jayster

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I’ll be making a version a little different too. @Jayster Thanks for the link. It will get me using the Maslow before needing to get my design done. I want a few more options for connecting but I have to say the 3 hairbands is pretty clean. I haven’t had hair long enough to need them for a hand full of years now.

Thank you