Router not plunging automatically as z-axis drops the guide

Hey Folks,

I’m currently working on getting my z-axis working. It currently does a great job of raising the router, but in terms of lowering the stop lowers but the router doesn’t follow it down.

  • I’m using the Rigid R29303 router
  • The lock lever is loose enough that with some pressure it drops back down quickly
  • I’m confident it would fall on its own if standing vertically on a table, rather than inclined on the table
  • I’m super new at this, haven’t even managed to cut my final sled yet :smile:

Here’s a few pictures showing the issue, my sled, and a spirit level showing the angle.

thanks for any advice.


Hi @preinheimer, the approach of using a routers adjustment will not get you to a decent Z-axis move without modification. I have seen this router from Canadian Maslowians, but till date no fix for a backlash or similar. Perhaps you what to look into a c-beam (needs to be a strong one by looking on the size of the router), or the
Kind regards, Gero

Hi Gero,

Thanks for the details! I’ll review that thread.

Isn’t this the same router that they use in the USA? I tried to buy a matching one to make everything easy.

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Can’t tell about USA. Are on the other side of the globe. I went from a far to heavy Bosch GOF 2000 CE to a 500W air-cooled spindle and will not change back, due to noise, speed-control, c-beam 3 times faster Z and far less dust on using a 0.125’ = 3.175mm bit.

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It’s been a major problem for years. you can add a bungee to the top and use dry lube like graphite to minimize it or try hacking it more, various solutions have been proposed. many use a bungee cord on top, but make sure you space the ends of the bungee out as far as possible, 18" would be good to keep max and minimum pressure down, otherwise orange tab will eventually break.

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So I’ve just realized one side of the router has a groove in it, presumably for the tab. Rotating the router so it slides in the other way looks like it would work to move the router in both directions, or am I missing something there?

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yes you have to put the spring loaded lead nut in the tab, you still need to sand the inside of the router down and dry lube it though. it will eventually get stuck and if it gets stuck in the wood it can cause a fire.