Router and vacuum selection Australia simple answer

I would love to buy a Maslow machine whilst there still available
Please I’m not a tinkerer I just want a simple answer best router and vacuum available in oz


I want simple answers too :slight_smile:
Regarding the router in Australia the answers might be in this 167 posts long thread.

Edit: Although I’m on the other side of the globe, perhaps an advice form someone who went for the only router he could find being capable of accommodating the Z-Motor.
Check other options rather then going with a compromise.

We don’t have feedback on spindles, but It’s what I am going to try next after this:

Check out alternative options like:

before you put down the money.

Maybe I just buy a couple of rigid from the states and run with that…plus a converter.
I started reading the 176 message forum and just got lost…

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We have a couple of folks in Australia running Maslows. Hope they jump here in this post and share their experience.

It’s got to the stage where I am going to pass on buying one.
As much as I would love and use one it seems like a heap of tinkering and fine tuning
I would hope for plug and play.