Router - Festool - any experiences?


I’m still looking for a router for my Maslow.
Does anybody has experience with the routers from festool - like:


My other woodworking tools are from this company - so i would like to stay in the same system.

Or any other suggestions for routers available in europe?

Thanks for answering.

I’ve never used the Festool routers but in my experience, all of their tools are top of the line. You definitely pay a premium for their products though.

Both of those are plunge routers; this doesn’t necessarily exclude them from being compatible with Maslow. You should verify that there is a way to “lock” the depth adjustment rod into the base and that the knob that controls the depth adjuster can be turned with the rod locked into place.

What you’re looking for is a fixed-base router.

Aren’t Bosch products fairly widespread in Germany? I worked with a contractor over there for a short time and all his stuff was Bosch. (He may have imported it though…)

Both look not fit for Z-motor. If you check you can see that the depth adjustment is not threaded and not lockable to the base.
Gruss Gero

Thanks for your reply. I unterstand the issues. I watched the Video:

again. I will try it with the Bosch router! Bosch products are really common in Germany…

Bosch 1600 GOF fixed base has given some trouble for the z-axis adjustment. I think if you can get it the AEG is similar to the one that most people use, but not sure if anyone has tested it…

I agree with Larry, the Bosch GOF 2000 CE might also have also have some issues with the Z adjustment. Nothing that can’t be fixed on low budget, is my guess. Since I am cutting through the entire sheet, for the moment my focus is on other things like getting more accurate cuts.

I ordered the Bosch 1600 GOF yesterday :thinking:

I did not choose the AEG because i read that this machine ist sometimes a bit “rough” an not so smooth. I want to use it not only with the maslow.

We will see. I’m looking forward to test it!

It might be ok, the fixed base that I got was brought seperately from the us, and is a really tight fit, as the fix base was not available here in NZ.

When I have time to build my maslow I might build a custom z axis carriage from 3d printer parts. I’ll post my idea soon under projects…