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I’m having trouble finding a router that fits the needs of maslow here in Europe. I have a “FORD Router FX1-120-2” but I think it’s not the best choise to put in the maslow. I need help to see if I can adapt the FORD router to the needs and assuring that it works great, or otherwise see where I can find a Ridgid router as suggested be the manufacter here in Europe.

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José Ávila

FORD Router


Welcome to the Forum?
The question is if the ‘Depth-Stop’ can be locked to the ‘base’.

I went with a to heavy, to powerfull, to high, fixed base router and can tell it’s not fun.
You have options to look into

This options let you choose a wide range of routers and also opens the chance to run a spindle.

Kind regards, Gero

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Hello Gero!

Thank you for welcoming me to the forum and for replying!

I saw that the most important aspects were the following:

  • ON / OFF button

  • Z Axis linkage compability and dept range

  • Succion acessorie

For a European Market what do you recomend, and why?

Thank you for the attention

Best Regards,

José Ávila

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I’d recommend the bosch pof 1200, but maybe i’m biased :slight_smile:

  • The on/off button you’ll have to rig yourself, but it’s required if you want to use the ring anyways
  • The z-axis is spot on, with about 5cm of movement if i’m not mistaken
  • Suction is pretty good, not perfect, but it never really is.
  • Another bonus, it’s cheap and if you look around a bit, it’s really cheap, i found mine for less then 100 euro.


I Think I’m going to try with this FORD router, switching the ON/OFF and removing the exterior case to see if I can fit in the Motor in the screw that goes up and down to adjust the height of the cut.

I alredy have it so I’m gonna give it a try…

Any advices or concerns to be aware of??!


Best Regards,
José Ávila

The deptstop can be removed, in that way it cannot block que Z Axis motor.

How is the z-motor going to move the router?
I can’t recommend a heavy router because i’ve tested it.
I can’t recommend a spindle because i’ve not tested it enough.
On the right, ~15kg, on the left 5.5kg (too light, i will add weight step by step until it’s ok.

What is the principal issue with the weight?

I’m based on the Z axis function on the video below:

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Great if you can get that working!

I have killed 3 of the original motor-shields with my heavy sled.
The TLE5206 what i am running now can handle this, but is sold out i guess and i don’t know if anyone is making more. Weight has advantages, no doubts, i’m just going from ultra-heavy to ultra-light to get a feeling on what weight is the best.

If I understand it right, the original motor shields or Arduinos (brain) can get fried by the weight of the sled?? The TLE5206 is a superior Arduino (brain) that can adapt to this more heavy sled´s?

Sorry for the ignorance in this matter…

Well the ‘brain’ is the arduino, the motor-shield sits on top and is just the ‘arms’ :slight_smile:
The TLE can take more current and is therefore more suitable for heavy sleds.
What is the weight of the Ford router?

I don’t see how you’re gonna attach the motor to the router, if you turn the button on the ford, you just move the depth stop, what you’re looking for is something that pulls the router down. On the bosch you put a lead screw into the plunge mechanism of the router, the depth stop is completely removed.

Ok! :grin: Thanks for explaining! The weight with full apliances is 5,8kg, without the base plate and guidelines I think around 5kg.

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Ok, that could be good, depending on what a brick weighs wherever you are on this planet.
The Bosch i have is 7kg without anything.
Try to stay under or at 13kg total.

Ok! Thanks for the help! I will give the feedback as soon as I test it…

Best Regards

José Ávila
Terceira Island

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I’m gonna remove the depth stop. I have to open the exterior case of the router and find the spindle so that I can attach it to the Z axis motor, with a lead screw or other method.

It could be done, but the bosch allready has room for the lead screw because the housing is the same as the pof 1400 which has it built in.
If you get it working let us know, i’d be real interested in seeing another router for Europeans.

Wondering what others might think of this as an option for a cheap router available in uk. What am i forgetting? Too small?

I believe not. The Makita RT0701 has 700W and is widely used in desktop cnc.
What is the PRM range?

If you can hold it in your hand before buying, that would be best.
You can get a feel for the make and plastic quality and check for side-play on the collet.
The first bearing from the collet side is the one taking the load, but until in some future we have speed up the Maslow, even the ‘cheaper’ stuff should survive well. (I’m running a cheap china 500W spindle)

Kind regards, Gero

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