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Z-Axis Bungee To Ensure Correct Depth


I was noticing that the router was not always plunging to the depth it should when the Z-Axis moved. When I would push on the top of the router it would drop to the correct level, and getting that bolt on the plunge lock at the exact tightness was a pain. I added some small bungees around the handles, and over the top of the router and the tension pushing towards the work surface is enough to ensure the router plunges at the given depth.


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@jbnimble Kindly add this pict and a short description of your experience to the wiki here


Do I create a PR to add the image to the Mechanics repository, or is there some other way to upload images to the wiki?

I can add a link to the image, but I figured it would be best if the file lived withe repo/wiki.


I’m actually not sure, currently, all wiki photos are hosted ‘elsewhere’, wherever they were posted in threads mostly.

@bar or @hannah should probably create a folder somewhere for folks to upload media to the wiki, but in the meantime, I’d say upload to discourse, as you already have, and link from there:


Added the photo to the wiki.


Awesome @jbnimble

It might be a good idea to keep only to non-conductive parts for anything added to the sled.

It’s probably not a major concern, but it jumped out at me lookin at the S-hook sitting there.


To replace the S-hook, I 3d printed an alternative, sadly an OpenSCAD file is not allowed to be uploaded. @moderators can the file extension “scad” be added as a forum up-loadable file?


Would a .zip file work?


Done! .scad should be allowed now


The bungee holder in place

and the OpenSCAD file
maslow-depth-rings.scad (532 Bytes)

Depending on how well this performs I might make the arms slightly shorter and make the whole thing thicker. It has a slight bend from the pressure of the bungees, otherwise it seems like it does the job.


I took this idea and threw caution to the wind, eliminating the extra piece and just hooking the bungees into the top vents. So far, no explosions.


Here’s an alternative that is compatible with the ring system made of a pipe and some bungee paracord:


@ethan92429 I like the geometricness of this design. Definitely more aesthetically pleasing then bungee hooks lol

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@BetterBuilds why thank you! so far it has worked well and easily flops down to change the router bits. If you have any suggestions for how to make it better, please let me know!

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Just wanted to show off how I implemented this. To attach the bungee to the router, take a zip tie and fold the end over and then poke it into one of the holes on the router vent. when it goes all the way in, it will spring open and you can gently pull it back in so that you can grab the free end and zip tie it around the bungee. this keeps it from sliding off the top of the router. I then removed the rubber caps from the bungee ends and just slipped them into the groves on the ring mount. The zip ties are tight enough that even if the bungee is slightly too long, you can pull the excess towards the top of the router and it will still give it spring force when plunging down.To remove the router from the sled, simply unclip the bungee ends from the ring mount.


Thank everyone for your contributions… I recently got my Maslow here in Abuja - Nigeria. After all set and done… the Z-axis depth became a nightmare. Seen a lot of suggestions on this forums but the most straight forward has been the bungee + slacking of the adjustment knob… Works Perfect. A lot of other ideas suggested require some expenditure and a little bit of professionalism so you dont mess things up… So far, so good.

Thanks everyone.


Welcome to the Forum @Doxa !

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