Running included projects from thimbstick

I have one of the kits from makermade and it shipped with a few projects preloaded on a thumbstick. Is there a middle program that I need to run these through before they can be cut? If I try opening a project through GC there are no files that show up in folder.

what are the filenames? GC is configured to only show a few names, but one of
the config settings lets you add additional extensions to see.

David Lang

Here are the project files that came on thumbdrive:
6ftft i8f5r tf6tn

Do those folders contain .svg files?


Based on what I learned in another thread, these need to be converted into gcode before being run?

yes. all CNC machines run based on g-code, the svg doesn’t give it enough
information to know what you want it to do (do you want to cut a pocket inside
the lines, cut all the way through along the line, on the inside of the line, or
the outside of the line, what size bit are you using, etc)

David Lang

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