Running Makermade M2 Z-axis with Maslow Firmware (Z-Axis Pitch?)

Using my RPi Zero running Web Control to run my printer (now ~6 months old.) Everything working great except smooth, repeatable Z-axis movement (Ridgid R22002 using stock router sleeve/screw for movement).

Received M2 Upgrade last week, mounted aluminum extrusion Z-axis (meticulous?) and router, centered router on sled. I’m not (yet) ready to go to the new controller and Makerverse, so I’d like to keep running the sled and update Z-axis mechanism on old arduino/maslow firmware for now.

Does anyone know the proper value of ‘Z-Axis Pitch’ for Maslow firmware when running the M2 Z-axis motion mechanical upgrade?

Waiting for a Pi-compatible Makerverse (which looks like it should be coming in a week or so.)



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Welcome to the Forum. from what I read is that you need the z-axis pitch for the M2 to run with the Maslow firmware?
So you are still running the Arduino Mega and not the Due and with the Maslow motor shield?

Not it… can you check how many mm the plate moves per 1 revolution of the thread?

Kind regards, Gero

Correct, M2 upgrade Z-axis with Arduino Mega/Maslow Firmware/Web Control.

Looking for ‘Z-axis Pitch’ value for new upgraded Z-axis mechanism.

The lead screw measures right at 8mm/revolution.


8 if direct drive. -8 if belt driven and same size pulleys. If pulleys are different sizes, then it could be -24. If it moves the wrong way, add or remove the negative.

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Hi, @speed-3d did you fiqure out the pitch?

Looks like the ‘Z-axis Pitch’ is -16. 8mm pitch lead screw times 2:1 ratio on the 20:10 tooth gears, and a negative since the motor orientation is flipped 180 degrees. (for context, this is for running the old Arduino Mega controller, Maslow firmware with new M2 upgraded Z-axis.)

Your travel may vary, remember start out with small increments, cut some tests and measure to verify your actual movement is correct.