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Setting z axis mm per turn on metal maslow I bought 2019

I bought a metal maslow in 2019. Went thru cancer and chemo and just reopened shop month or so ago. Assembled the Metal Maslow I bought in 2019 but the settings for the zaxis mm per rotation has changed. I was 3.87mm on old maslow- but this new zaxis movesplunges at a greater rate per rotation and my bit collet burns plywood when trying to 3/4" as its plunging too deep.

What is the zaxis for the metal maslow sled z axis control from 2019?

Here’s the one I bought:

depends on the size of your pulleys on the motor and the c channel lead screw. If they are the same size, then it will be likely 8. If the motor has a large pulley and the channel lead screw is smaller (60:20), then it will be 24.


Thanks I think that works!