Sanding the inner rim of the new ring may help!

After mesaging back and forth with @Keith then @bar , Bar asked me to post about this…
My first run with the new ring this weekend gave me a jumpy/jerky sled with somewhat wavy cuts. Was able to make this though (just need to sand and still need to make the front side panels and doors)

I digress, sorry!
In messaging with Keith yesterday, explaining the jumpy situation, the paint texture was discussed. So, I ended up taking 220 grit 3m auto sand paper to smooth down the roughness on the contact area. Here is the before and after


Neat! The jumpiness bugged me but I was too scared to try this. I will now.


Im pretty sure that slight jump was causing the waviness in my cuts. The sled would move a couple of inches then the bearings would fall into position. Nothing to be scared of on this one :wink: