Scale problem! Is it software problem?

I use draftsight for making cad drawings ,then export the file as.svg and use the makercam to convert to gcode.I have made all the possible combinations whith the units(mm,inches ,cm) at draftshight and makercam.And the result is always onother scale . For example hen i am trying to cut a rectangle 10x10’’ i take one of 11,4x11,2 cm(It should be 25,4x25,4 cm).Has enyone used this combination of software?

This smells like Dots Per Inch DPI issues.

What OS do you use? MacOS on a Retina MacBook by any chance?
At what DPI was he design created?
Makercam try to set that DPI in makercam and see if that makes a difference.

I know, vector based drawings should not have anything to do with DPI but unforunately the SVG standard seems to have evolved around DPI rather then real world units. And it is now biting them all over the place.

Please let us know when you figured out what caused all this.

A Retina Macbook (runs at 210DPI if i remember it right)
MakerCAM is set to 90 or 96DPI by default (SVG’s default)

210:90 ratio (2.272727) seems to be in the same ballpark as
25:11 ratio (2.333333)

25.4:11.4 = 2.2280…

Could you upload the SVG as saved by draftsight? I would like to have a look at the specific XML created by draftsight

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Thank you for your answer

The solution to my problem is BamCad.Works perfect with DraftSight

Here is on of the SVG that i had problem



foxy2.dxf (60.8 KB)

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Looks like a nice project btw

i had a look at the xml and could not find what i expected so i what probably wrong there… :slight_smile:

when importing the svg into inkscape then it seems inkscape does not find/regognise in what unit it should be.
inkscape in my case defaults to px as the unit… and i expect makercam did the same.

This would then suggest that Draftsight failed to include the definition of what unit it should be in.

but i’m guessing i guess…

It would be nice if someone could mention in the wiki that Draftsight + BamCad play nice as a toolpath

Thank you for your interest to my problem.
I agree with you about CamBam(not BamCad!My mistake!)+Draftshight.I will save a lot of time that info to someone like me who uses Draftshight.


Gotta love autocorrect, although you could claim it was a subtle reference to CamBam’s trochoidal milling.

That’s why my research always pointed to a currency converter. Bosnia and Herzegovina Marka to Canada Dollar :man_facepalming: