Setting chains. setting chains

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My maslow i s performing well. I did holey calibration and my cuts are very close to perfect. One monster issue is having to set chain length. I kicked power cord yesterday at beginning of cut and on power up ground control could not sync up with actual sled position. what I mean is sled in top left of board, and on ground control sled in middle.

I do reset chains and all is good. However, I have reset chains at least a hundred times. Am I missing something? Is there a way to fix the issue of actual sled position not being seen in ground control?
thank you, JR

when you reset the chains, there are three steps

  1. move the sprockets so there is a tooth at 12 o’clock
  2. unhook the chains and move them so that the marked link is on the 12 o’clock
    tooth (it’s a bad idea to do this while the weight of the sled is on the chains)
  3. tell ground control to set the chain lengths to match the marked links

If you miss one of these steps, you won’t be back in sync.

David Lang

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how do you do holey calibration do you have to have certain version of GC

yes, “holey triangular calibration” (use the forum search, there are a couple
threads to look through) is a different version of both GC and the firmware,
eventually it will probably merge with the stock one, but probably not soon just
due to manpower.

David Lang

thank you, my question is how to avoid setting chains, I read some where on the forum that once done u do not have to repeat.

Please read my query again. I am an chain setting expert I seek how not to do over and over again. and btw what does the automatic button do on the chain setting page?


any time the system looses sync (say from oosing power) you will need to reset
the chains.

What you can do is avoid the process to feed out the length of chain. You do
this by marking a specific link on each chain when you go through the full
process so that you can use the shortened process I listed earlier.

In WebControl there is a button that’s labeled ‘set chain lengths to X’ (where X
is a configured value to match the links that you have colored. Ground Control
has a similar button, but it’s not labeled nearly as well (It may be the set
chain length automatic that you are seeing, I don’t remember exactly)

David Lang