Setting sled move limits

This is in the ‘No Judgement’ for following reasons:

  1. I seem to remember that there was something to stop the motors to attempt positions that can’t be achieved due to the physics we aim to know. I can not recall why i have that memory, it could as well be wishful thinking.
  2. This is run in both clients with ‘Fake Server’ activated in the firmware.
    GC allows me to go with the sled above the height of my motors, so does WebControl.
  3. Conspiracy theory.

In alphabetical order:
GC with a height of 2m over the centre of the sheet:

WebControl with the sled 2m over the centre of the sheet:

Regarding point 3, if there is any secret development including helium balloons to lift the sled above the motors, i would like to know. At what point is the direction of the sprockets reversed? :wink:

Kind regards, gero