Setting up defaults for Zaxes

Ok, I’ve searched and searched but I simply can not find the info to calibrate my Z-axis and currently running WebControl if I hit the home button it starts the Z-axis motor, not the chain motors. I know I’m missing something but I can not figure it out.

Have you checked if the motor cables are plugged all into their proper slots. It could be that you have a simple mix up at the control board.

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Not totally sure, but I think the home position records an X, Y, and Z value. It is possible that the sled is already at the home X Y position (so the chain motors won’t move) but the Z axis is not at its home position (so it will move).

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Yes I did check that, and they’re good

I believe you are right but I still can’t find how to set the Z-axis to zero and I also noticed this evening that the sled was not going all the way to the home position so I’m going to reset the chains again just to see if I screwed something up there.

As long as you told it you have a z axis, there should be a z-axis button next to the arrow section (forgot what this part of the screen this is called) thought I saw a web control manual with one of the earlier releases.
Once you press the z-axis button, you can have it move up, down, and once it touches the workpiece, press the define 0 button.
If you press home, the z-axis will raise, then xy motors will move, then z-axis lowers. If you are already home, the z-axis may just raise then lower.
If you decide to move the xy motors, make sure to raise the z-axis, otherwise it drags across the surface. The home button should raise it for you.

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Thank you for the great information, that is exactly what I needed, now I can set that and get on with calibration.