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Sheet aluminum cutting and engraving?

Has anyone cut sheet aluminum parts? Specifically, I am wondering if the Maslow would be able to route the internal and external contours of my airplanes instrument panel? The material would be either 2020-t3 or 6061 aluminum between 0.032 - 0.060 inch thick.

In addition, could it accomplish engraving of letters and numbers for placard markings? Either by engraving away paint layers, or plastic laminates?

Thanks in advanced,

I haven’t done it personally, but every now and then someone in the forums posts a project in aluminum. Here’s a recent example:

Have you considered buying a sheet of pre-laminated glass or carbon fibre on foam? Flat sheets are available worldwide and really really easy to cut

Hi RTrim,
I created a backlit instrument panel for my motorhome using a black/clear plastic laminate overlay that was laser cut and engraved to my design specifications. I also had shields with annunciation symbols and words laser cut which were inserted into the indicator lights. It was a beautiful panel, but I had to search the entire nation for affordable laser cutting/engraving.

Now I wish to duplicate this process for the airplane I am building, but would like to find an affordable way to do the cutting and engraving in-house. I could no doubt route the shapes with the Maslow, and I likely could machine the black layer off of the clear layer using the router as well. I wonder if I could mount a laser?