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Outdoor Sign for Coffee/Bicycle Shop


I am one one of the owners of a new Coffee and Bicycle shop in Cleveland and have had my Maslow set up in our basement since I received it about a month ago. After a couple small projects to figure out the learning curves of the CAD->CAM->cut process, I designed and cut our main outdoor signage. I used cellular PVC boards from Home Depot to make the sign weatherproof. It cut like a dream. I ran at 30 in/m at 10k RPMs with .15in passes and had zero melting or burning. Next time I use this material I definitely will run the faster feed rates and probably deeper passes. I used vinyl sheet flooring for a wood grain backer behind the letters and 3000k color temperature led strip strips to light it on the inside. It’s the first of many improvements we’re going to be making to the exterior of our space and I am sure many things will be cut with the Maslow.

Advanced Frame Design

Great build! That material looks awesome… Not available where I’m at. :frowning:

I loved how you used the wooden backer instead of a pocket operation. No need to try and paint or finish all the edges. Tricky part is all the pieces that you had to manual put back on like the center of the “O” and that bike. The lighting is a great touch. Thanks for sharing!


Putting the floating pieces back was actually pretty simple for this sign. Since all the line cuts were the same width you could eyeball their placement pretty well. This PVC glues really nice with CA (super) glue so I just used a gel form so I had a few extra seconds to wiggle them into perfect placement. You can see the little supports I cut from the scraps to hold the floating chunks up. Much easier overall than I had anticipated.


Really cool project! Great work


Nice! I like the use of new materials.


Looks very pro… Nice work…


Looks professional! Nice design and execution!


Id highly suggest the PVC panels to everyone using the Maslow. Its honestly a game changer for anything that needs to go outdoors. Best part is that its basically the same price as nicer plywood.


Nice! I am originally from the Cleveland area. I will have to stop by in person when I am back.


certainly impressed with that, have been thinking about one for a while. and a great sign… Pete, a signmaker, Cleveland area…England


It’d be a great help if you wrote up a little bit more detail of your experience using this medium in the MaslowCNC wiki Stock Materials Page



Has anyone tried to build the sled out of this material? Would it be better than plywood?


I was thinking of building my sled out of it (.5" PVC) but it does hold a lot of static electricity not sure how it would effect electronics. I cut a log out of pvc and was having issues with errors (sled lost position) which I attributed to static so I used by homebrew anti-static juice and it worked perfectly.
Logo below took about 8 minutes.

Oscar_Solano's Super Logo

I have seen your sign on the pages here but didn’t realize you were in cleveland. We drove by your place today and i recognized my sign. I just got my maslow and still have to build it. Cool sign.


Welcome, @Tstorm! I’d like to invite you to add your pin to the Maslow Map, if you are so inclined. There are a few of us in the Cleveland area.


I live near your coffee shop. Very cool sign! I just received my Maslow CNC in the mail. I’m not sure I’ll be able to assemble it and the frame. Way beyond my scope.


That’s awesome, hope your build goes smooth. Shoot me a message if you need any backup.