Sled will only go one direction (down) and will not stop (unless power is pulled)

not sure whats going on, but my my system seems to be connecting ok (via Makervers v1.0.6), motors are whining as they should be, but if i try to jog the sled in any direction…it only goes down (job +x, goes down, jog +y, goes down…etc…). Also, it will just move forever…it does not pay attention to the amount of distance i specified, so 1mm movement will be until it runs out of chain…will not stop moving. I would appreciate any help that can be provided.

reset home first, (record useful settings) reset memory second, set new home, try again to move to center, then reset home once achieved. Don’t reset home again unless recalibrating.

This sounds like a calibration setting issue to me. If it the machine thinks that it’s motors are VERY far apart then it will basically always feed out more chain to try to get the sled to where it should be. I would reset and do the calibration process from the beginning.

Mine is doing the same thing, I will try some of these fixes but I would like to know if any resolved the issue. Thanks

setting home fixed it