Smaller frame completed but still have questuions

Hi all, with the help of @dlang and the Maslow community I finally finished building my smaller frame. (8ft wide, 4x6 cutting area) my frame was built by using @bar and @dlang designs and adding some of my own.Just waiting for my kit to come in and see if it works.
The only questions I have is…
Do I need to shorten the chain length because of the 8 ft length instead of the normal 10 ft. or leave it as is?
If I leave it as is will I have a problem with the chain length when I attach the hook and stretchy cord on top of the beam?

Thanks for listening


You don’t need to shorten the chains, the tail end away from the sled feeds through a hole in the motor mount and is held by a large cotternpin through a link. You can pull as much of the slack chain as you need through the hole and put the cotter pin through at that point. The extra will hang down out of the way.
A very nice build, thanks for putting up the pictures!

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yes, if you have a shorter top beam and are trying to have the slack in the
middle, you are going to run into trouble. even with a shorter chain you will
have trouble because you only have 4’ to the middle and you will need about 4.5’
for the slack.

David Lang

Thanks @blurfl and @dlang for your replys I new I can count on you guys for answers: :smiley:


Where did you get those casters?

Amazon carries these

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Rocker has almost exactly the same thing

I have a set of these on a CNC cabinet and they are very sensitive to exactly
how high off the floor they are mounted, and leave very little clearance when
lifting the equipment (little enough that it high-centers on the transition
between my driveway and the garage floor)

Matthias Wandal did a good equipment base to take insperation from


From Amazon
POWERTEC 17000 Workbench Caster Kit (Pack of 4)

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