Software for using Maslow

I’m looking at this exciting gadget that a co-worker sent me the link to the other day. My question, that I’ve been looking for a CNC that I could play around with and have some software called Aspire that I came across some years ago. My question is can I use this software with the Maslow CNC to cut projects?

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The short answer is no, the firmware is written for DC motors on the Maslow. Regular x/y cnc use steppers. Therefore other software will not run the Maslow.
There is the Due development that allows Grbl compatible software to run the Maslow with a modified firmware. Can’t tell if Aspire is Grbl compatible and tunable to run this firmware.

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I think Aspire is a software for designing parts to cut, right? I am 99% sure that Aspire should generate gcode files which you can absolutely use with Maslow


Aspire is a 3D CAD/CAM system from Vectric. You will need to use a generic Gcode post processor in the CAM side.

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