Software_Ground control not working

Hi guys,
I just bought the kit anf I am having an issue with the software. Could anybody help me with that?

This usually relates to having incompatible graphics drivers. If you know that your computer is capable of running opengl 2, you can try these workarounds:

open powershell as an administrator, and run this:
[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable(“KIVY_GL_BACKEND”, “angle_sdl2”, “User”)

Otherwise, if for some reason you wanted to do it manually instead of using powershell, do this:

  1. right click on This PC then open Properties .
  2. go to Advanced system settings .
  3. click on Environment Variables .
  4. click on New in User variables for — .
  5. put KIVY_GL_BACKEND in Variable name .
  6. put angle_sdl2 in Variable value .


navigate to C:\users\%USERNAME%\.kivy\
and open config.ini

find the line
multisamples = 2
and change it to
multisamples = 0

Then save it and reboot your computer.

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Hi Jatt,
thank you for your reply. I did all the setups as you instructed but now when I launch it, I this black page for couple seconds and nothing happens.

Also here are the setup I did following the instructions to double check if I did it right.


Thanks again for your support

This indicates that you do not have the proper graphics card driver installed - are you running a generic Microsoft supplied windows 10 one? What graphics chip are you using?

is that what yoy talking about?

On that screen, do you see the words “Device Manager” to the left?
Click that and look under “Display Adaptors” in the window that opens.

This is what I got:

can you post a screenshot of the driver tab?

Officially your CPU/GPU is not supported by Intel for Windows10. the driver you have is the one rolled by Microsoft to make Windows10 available on older equipment and does not include OpenGL.

You may be able to get the following driver to work…

…but you will have to install it manually through device Manager as it is not packaged for use with Windows10.

Good luck.

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thank you for your support.

What type of computer should I buy to avoid all those problems?

I bought the kit and I can’t even use it.

and what you should I double check on the the computer before I buy it?

I know it can be frustrating. The first spare PC I tried sent me down the same path. Here’s a link to the one I bought to run it.

If you are going to run Ground Control on windows then anything with a 4th generation or higher intel CPU should be fine. The important things to look for are OpenGL 2.0 or higher support and for windows at least 4GB of ram.
There is also the option of running it on a Raspberry PI 3 which will set you back about $50 with case and power supply. If you have any Linux experience that might be the way to go.

I think I will buy this computer to stop that frustartion and start making stuff.

Thanks again John.

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No worries, happy cutting.