Software install

As I followed instructions, firmware 1.0 is successfully installed, using Win 7 on core 2 duo 1.9 GHz PC.
But at next step, ground control, during installing message came out as in the photo. It stops
What can I do? My PC is too old?
Does any body have the same problem?

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As the warning indicates, Ground Control requires OpenGL 2.0 or higher. This is a graphic card function so make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card (straight from the manufacturer). I ran into this a couple times hoping to use old computers laying around but can’t due to outdated graphics cards. A Google search on your graphics card name and OpenGL will usually tell you the highest it’s capable of. Fingers crossed…


Good luck with updating the drivers.
If it is the hardware and a PC, you can check what graphic card slot is on the motherboard and do a cheap upgrade with a second hand card.


Thanks Jayster and Gero. I’ll try to upgrade the driver