SOLD - 8' x 4' M2 + mobile lumber cart frame for sale, Bay Area CA

Check out my mobile M2 which has been specialized for garage use. I’m asking for $500.

The work area is (slightly larger than) 8’ x 4’ and it rolls in and out of a standard garage.
The machine is very well built, e.g. the chains have never slipped and the sled has never fallen.
It has tons of useful features that have made working with it a pleasure:

  • Both 91mm and 71mm router collars
  • 15’ chains + 2 X 5’ spare lengths and links
  • Included Bosch 91mm 1HP router with new bearings and bushings (6 hours on them I guess)
  • Lumber cart storage in rear for sheet goods
  • Tape measure T-track with 6 clamps to secure work pieces. Calibrated with laser to be parallel so can be used as straight edges
  • Pop out replace waste boards (no screw fasteners needed)
  • Uni-strut motor mounts that can be calibrated for etching extremely deep (18") stock
  • Internal storage for accessories / server hardware
  • Towing eyes for easy re-location when loaded with stock
  • Integrated dust collection flue (underneath) with left and right collection ports for easy integration to shop dust collection
  • heavy duty 4’ locking iron casters
  • counter weighted chain slack pickup
  • Home chain links (special links on chain that mark home position for quick setup)

This thing is STRONG. You can do pullups on it, shoulder barge it around the shop, drop kick the waste boards out to replace them, etc.

Did a test cut this morning and its still nicely calibrated.
Downsizing to move closer to work so no garage for me :frowning:
Not looking to part this out since I’m downsizing.

Check out the images below and happy to answer questions.


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Sold. Keeping post up so I can see the old machine still :smiling_face_with_tear: