Some silly mistakes

Hi all. Just wanted to start a list of some silly mistakes (or as Bob Ross calls them - happy accidents :slight_smile: ) I think this could help save some headaches. I’ll start off with 2 that I made last night.
-Plugging the 12 V power supply into the Arduino instead of the motor shield. I know a few of us have done this but don’t feel bad. I have my masters in electrical engineering and still spent 15 minutes troubleshooting this. Classic.

-Another silly mistake I made was not screwing the gear onto the flat part of the motor. I tightened the screw to the round part and after a while it slipped. Had to recalibrate. I’m no M.E. so this mistake is understandable. :slight_smile:


You are my hero!

If you have a 3D printer - I have a solution in the Wiki here:

It’s under my shared .stl files - it’s a plug for the bottom port.

Thank you

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Is not a good idea :wink: Guess that’s a typo, 12V DC please


Good catch! Got it changed. Thanks! Another silly mistake.


Using imperial measurements for a mm data entry. Or when you finally make the transition to metric entering cm vs mm :smile:


A silly mistake I made was not specifying the com port in GC. At least the screen prompts you with a not connected message, so only a few minutes were lost.

I’ve gotten temporarily stopped in the calibration section when I realized that I didn’t need (& maybe shouldn’t have?) connected the chain with the nail to my top beam just yet. The nail head doesn’t allow the chain to be removed, so I’m looking at pulling the nail. Any calibration work-around advise for this situation?


I took some heavy duty wire cutters and cut the head of the nail off. It holds the chain fine during normal operation and you can slide the chain of easily while calibrating.