Sorry I've been distracted

Hey everyone,

I want to let everyone know why I’ve been so distracted for the last 10 days or so.

We’ve been frantically building this CNC tiny house which hasn’t left me with much time for sleep or anything else, but the good news is the end is in sight it’s going to be shown in five days so after that we can slow things down and I can put the CNC house on the back burner and focus on software.

Building the house has been a good experience, and I’ve learned a lot about where we need to improve Maslow to make it a practical tool to build a house (speed, calibration, working close to the edges of the sheet). I also know that we’ve grown a pretty large list of issues filed on GitHub for necessary tweaks to the software.

As soon as we get the first part of this house done my order of priorities is to

  1. Work through the back log of issues filed on GitHub and address some of the general use issues (why are we loosing calibration?)
  2. Apply the lessons learned from house part one to make the machine better
  3. Build the rest of the house to test the changes

I mostly just wanted to make sure everyone knows that I’m not gone for long. I’m sorry for not having fixed the bugs which have been filed recently quickly. Thanks for your patience!


Welcome back! Looking forward to pictures of the modules and assembly.

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Is there a github issue for this or a forum post on this? I am suffering big time from this issue. From a cursory glance it looks like there is an issue with pushing the settings to the machine and getting the current chain lengths, it seems to take too long for this to happen maybe? Or maybe we are trying to report positions before the settings are pushed?

Rolling back to v0.82 seems to solve it for me.

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This thread talks about it. I’ve opened an issue on GroundControl for it, here.