Sourcing for chain bracket?

For the temporary sled and final sled without the linkage kit, there are “chain brackets” that are used to attach the roller chain to the sled. I’m having trouble finding the specifications for those and where to source them. Could someone give me a pointer on where to purchase those brackets?

Pictured below (taken from the temporary sled assembly guide):

Doing an EBay and Amazon search on “L brace” and “L bracket” get close but I can’t seem to find the one used in the build instructions. Any help would be appreciated.

The ones that are shipped with the maslow are custom made, you need a very stiff
angle (I think these are 1/4" steel) and you need to have a hole at the right
place to mount the chain to balance the sled, and holes in the other part to
anchor it to the sled solidly enough to handle the stress.


@dlang, do you run into stability issues if the steel is thinner than 1/4"? Are there any recommendations on replacements?

The pantograph linkage kit, for example, is made out of wood, so I wonder how strong the braces/brackets need to be.

the linkage kits use largish pillars out from the sled, keeping things from

with the stock design, those brackets need to not flex more than a fraction of a
mm, even under full force (the 17-33 pounds of force the chain applies :slight_smile: )

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David is totally right, the issue is flex that changes the effective length of the chain.
If you are making your own and are using something thinner I would weld in gussets to help strengthen the bracket. Basically little triangle pieces that nest inside the L.

The brackets are nice because they give you flexibility for chain mounting (in the Z direction) but if you already know about how far off the sled you want to mount them you could conceivably use stout blocks of wood that are glued and screwed to the sled. maybe ok or search your local hardware store for some angle brackets

I’d say skip it and go with the linkage kit! You don’t need those brackets when using the linkage kit and the linkage it is better anyway!