Sourcing the MakeMade M2 for wholesale

Hi, We are interested in buying the MakerMade M2 kit and selling it in Africa. Is there a supplier we can bulk order the kits directly from China? I really believe in this machine and the positive impact it can make in our market. Unfortunately, China is the only country we can source from in our region in Africa, we can’t source from the US or other countries. Thanks!

At this point I would be looking at doing maslow 4 machines rather than the m2.

based on past comments, Bar has expressed willingness to help others setup
production/distribution. The big ticket item would be the molds for injection

David Lang


you can order all that stuff from China, but you have to buy all the components from different companies and then repackage it all in your country. Makermade has taken down all the maslow4 ads on their Facebook page and is not going to help you source anything.
to even start off you will need at least $30,000 USD dollars.

I agree with the above poster, if you want to be a maslow seller than best to wait till next year when the plans will be open source. But please note just because it’ open source doensn’t mean it’s easy to get the parts. You can 3d print instead of injection mould, to save up front costs. but this is not a high profit product. Most manufactured products are easily 100% markup and this might only be only 50% markup?