SVG out of Onshape

For those of you that are using Onshape as your CAD, what CAM are you using?

Kirimoto is frustrating (basic stuff like if I’m cutting a ring; it will only had tabs on the out side cut, but will not add them to the inside cut).

Anyway to get an SVG out? I’ve exhausted my Google’fu and it appears the only way is to export a sketch as a dxf and they use a converter to create an SVG file. Only problem is that everytime I export an DXF the file seems to be corrupt and will not open or import in any converter I’ve tried. (Full disclosure, I may be missing something here… I’m tired this evening and will try harder tomorrow :slight_smile: ).

Link to my onshape file…

You can also try VisualCam for onshape which works very well, but I haven’t gotten an answer whether it will always be free.

onshape can only export 2D (dxf) from a sketch.

Once you have a full object, you need to do a 3d export (STL or similar) and use
a CAM that supports that.

Thanks I’ll give VisualCam a try… looks like it may only be free until they exit beta… but maybe they’ll keep a free version for educational/maker/hobbyist

I usually make a drawing of all my parts and then export them as a single .dxf and convert using Inkscape. It’s way more steps than I would like it to be, but it seems to work consistently.

Here’s a video of my process:

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Thanks @bar! I’ll give that a shot.

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I have been using Onshape to design a solar dehydrator that is cut from a single sheet of plywood. Here is a screen shot:


I follow these basic steps:
Create a drawing in Onshape by creating a 1:1 scale drawing that has no extraneous stuff
Make sure you include cross hairs at the center of a 48” x 96” sheet of plywood
Right click on the drawing tab in Onshape and choose “export to dxf”
Convert to an svg file using an online converter (Cloud convert)
Open Makercam and allow “unsafe scripts” to run.
Edit Preferences and choose 8.17 pixels per inch
Open the svg file
Scale out to see the drawing
Select everything and translate it until the cross hairs are directly over the origin
Select each shape, name it and create a pocket or profile
Set tool size, depth of cuts, speed of cuts, safe height…
Calculate tool paths
Create tabs
Export Gcode (create an NC file)
Open NC file from Ground Control on the Maslow computer
Verify origin is in the correct place

This has worked well for me.

The cutout drawing I export as a dxf file and then convert to svg is here:

I’m particularly proud of the fact that the hinges and latches are also cut from the same sheet of plywood


have you tried using the kiri:moto add-on for onshape to generate the g-code

David Lang

This looks fantastic! Nice work :smiley:

I hadn’t seen kiri:moto That looks like a great solution. I’ll try it out.

I believe there is at least one other free CAM plugin, but I know kiri:moto is

once you figure it out, if you could make a video showing how to use onshape
with kiri:moto it would be a great help to many people.

David Lang

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There is already a video for that