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SVG to Gcode with inside/outside path control

My normal CAD/CAM path is Alibre (3D similar to Solidworks) → MeshCAM V8 and this works for me. However, I have an SVG file that I want to cut. (See attached file if you’re interested.) I tried importing it into Easel and the import worked. The problem is that I want control over whether the bit cuts on the inside or outside of the line. Think of a square with a smaller circle in it. I want to cut on the inside of the circle and the outside of the square.

Is there a way to tell Easel which side of each line to cut? All I could find was for ALL lines and it was not clear what Easel thought was inside vs. outside. Maybe I need to split the file into 2 parts - then cut one on the inside, the other on the outside?

Or is there a good way to convert an SVG file to gcode where I will have control of inside vs. outside?!

Jeep Grill 132999_42in wide|621x220

You can do this in carbide create.


Thank you. That is a better tool than Easel for my needs. I’m off to the garage to try it on the M2 - with a pen first before cutting wood.

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You should also be able to use KrabzCAM for this. It will alternate between inside and outside profiles for each nesting level (eg. closed loops inside closed loops).
In order to have full control for each path, you need to select/generate individually, but this doesn’t seem necessary in your case.


  • load your SVG
  • choose “Profile outside”
  • enter your settings (tool diameter, feedrate etc)
  • click “Generate toolpath”
  • click “Optimize” (optional)
  • click “Save GCode”

Thank you. That also looks like a very useful tool. I will try it also.

You can also do this with estlcam

I load it into QCAD and then export as DXF for Cambam. With CamBam you can choose: outside cut, inside cut, cut on “the line”. But i am sure you will find an SVG->DXF/STL converter so you can use the software of your choice.

You can do it in Easel. Whenever you mark a specific part you can specify if the cut is inside, outside, on, or a carve-out. The only requirement is, that the parts are on different paths.

I took the liberty of amending your SVG file to have different paths, imported it into Easel, and modified that path according to your wishes. The result is Easel - Jeep Maslow Forum

Let me know if it works for you and it is what you wanted it to be.