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TCCR3B was not declared in this scope

just downloaded the latest firmware and went to upload it to my Arduino and I get this message. Any help would be great.

Thank you,

Hmmm I haven’t seen that one before. Can you post a screen shot of the Arduino IDE when that happens?

Did you change the PWM frequency?
Are uploading the firmware to the stock Arduino Mega?
Edit: Sorry, forget the first question, that is left alone :wink: in GroundControl.
The version of the arduino IDE might be of interest.
Edit2: timer 3 (controls pin 5, 3, 2)

IDE 1.8.5

Hmmm I’m using 1.8.5 too so I don’t think it’s a version issue.

I do think that the issue is with the IDE not finding some sort of system file.

Have you been able to upload with this computer and IDE installation before?

Yes, I have cut a few projects.

I have not used it for about 3 months due to moving, and so I went to update both ground control and the firm ware and this issue popped up.

I will try reinstalling IDE. and let you know.

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Let me know if that solves the issue. The fact it worked in the past makes me skeptical that the issue is with the IDE install.

If that doesn’t fix it the next thing I would check would be to make sure that the Mega is selected as the board type


After reinstalling the IDE I was able to compile the new firmware. I will attempt to upload it sunday.

Thank you


For future reference, this happens when you haven’t selected the correct processor
Arduino Mega 2560, Com 4 (varies) under Tools on the top menu bar in Arduino IDE
Also use, ‘Get Board Info’ also under Tools on the top menu bar

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