Tension Release needed

There have been times when the system has crashed during calibration. There was so much tension on the lines that I could hardly get the mounts released.
Another time it was all the way down so the bottom cables where horizontal and the top lines just free spooling. The “darn” thing wanted to flip over and hit the ground. I couldn’t reach the end points and hold the sled, but I could reach the computer.

Is there a way to command a motor to unspool? Or the reverse of Take Up Slack. If not can we get one?


Probably the most intuitive label for that button would be “Give Some Slack” but I prefer “At Ease”.

I went with

But I’m open to suggestions :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks good to me!

Does ‘Take Slack’ mean to retract the belt? I’d suggest ‘Take Up Slack’ or ‘Apply Tension’ so it is clear.

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Great, Thanks

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