The incredible shrinking cut size

I’m at the stage of assembly where I need to cut the final frame parts on my temp frame. What I am noticing is a rather substantial variation on exactly the same gcode, depending on where I position my cuts. I know the sample frame+sled might not be as accurate as the final version, but the size difference seems a little surprising.

In the attached pic, there are 3 cuts (top #1, middle #2, bottom #3). The top cut measured from highest to lowest point is 6 3/4". Middle is 8 1/4", and bottom is 8 1/2". I watched these cuts being made, and there were no hangups or other issues during the process. And I have gone through the calibration process.

Is this variation normal for the temp frame, or is there something I should check?

That is something we’ve struggled with for quite a while, the issue is that the calibration is off. I would start with opening the settings in Ground Control and check that all the recorded dimensions for the machine look right and possibly re-do the calibration process.


Yes, it must have been pilot error on my part. Re-calibrated this morning and seeing great accuracy+conformity on cuts today.

Btw, I am totally loving this machine. A 4x8 CNC was never something I thought I’d have (let alone the room to store one). Thanks for making something so cool.


Thank you all for believing in the idea, bearing with us while we work out the kinks!

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