The z-axis is my only hang up

I have desired a new z-axis because I don’t know how much longer I can get by with the original as it’s already broken and patched together. My orange button hasn’t even broken and some say it is inevitable. My problem is: without a z-axis kit available, how do I keep working while building a better one.
Explaination: I may feel like I could accomplish a new build if I can use the same motor that it is set up for… With a worm drive that is the same thread pitch (if I could find it). This way settings that are “beyond me” don’t have to be changed. I already jokingly explain that Maslow’s price tricked me into building my own CNC.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Point is… How do I do this?

Take a look at
There are other builds as well Z-Axis upgrades Consolidation

Optional: skip the router and go with a spindle and c-beam.

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Has anyone using a c bran had problems with sawdust on the lead screw?

I’ve been only cutting MDF so far, but no problems with dust and the lead screw. I watch it a little bit though, and make sure the rails are clear where the wheels roll.


Thank you so much. I hope to cut this soon. What have we determined to be the best sled material (since I have an opportunity to re-cut). :sunglasses:

Sorry to double post that question. (I just asked it again in the z-Axis consolidation thread :open_mouth: ) Any updates on the dust situation?