Top of sled high

was just wondering why the top of my sled always seams to be gapped from my material? the bottoms stay tight against.

i just came in for the night i will look tomarrow but i want to say version 25

I had this issue. It’s a center of gravity thing. your board angle should be about 15 degrees. I needed to raise the position of the ring kit on mine to get the top to sit flush.

(Second try) :slight_smile:
Forget what I said before.
So… -gapped- is the keyword here (tx @Anthony_Aragues).

I agree with Anthony.

Other cases (but in a less obvious way) may also be:

  • that your sled center of gravity is too far away from the workpace and not under the chains attach point. If you hold the sled by the chains and pull it away from the worspace, it should no tip backward nor forward. Otherwise it needs to be balanced.

  • that your chains are not parallel to the work space. It shows more when they are shorter (near the top).

yes higher on work space the worse it gets