Transform grinder into milling machine

I would like to offer this starting point for discussion on the possibility of transforming a grinder into a milling machine.

in this way it is possible to lower the center of gravity with respect to a trtaditional dirver therefore it should give benefits in the processing phase.

I found some kits and devices on the net that inspired this idea.

could it be feasible as a solution to improve Maslow?

look at the idea created from the minute 11:30 to follow

ready-made but very expensive kit


other model of grinder

guide for grinder and suction

That looks very interesting. You make a good point that it would lower the center of gravity. Would it pose other problems with that whole end of it moving?

I have no scientific skills to say what the effects of such a modification are, but I believe that the advantages of this configuration are more than in the current one. I also believe (but I cannot prove it, it is only an intuition) that by lowering the center of gravity and the overall weight balance, the side weights can also be lightened therefore the whole mass system would be lighter, more compact and better balanced

I was just thinking about the grinder body and the dust collection hose being a bit more tricky with the bulk of the grinder likely where the dust collection tube is typically located. That being said, it could likely be moved and not be an issue at all.