Trouble with AtFab files

I have been reading the MAKE magazine AtFab book. The AtFAb book recommends that Google sketchup be used to manipulate the files. I am not given to using Google sketchup, but I have been tryingto work with Fusion 360 using SVG files and the SVG files are massive it seems. The number of details is overwhelming and the simplest manipulations take far too long, very disappointing. I thought that maybe I could use a faster better processing computer, so I went to the Aple store downloaded fusion 360 tried to manipulate the AtFab 5-30 minute chair and the Mac Pro, was just as slow as my home computer. So here I am, anyone have any ideas about how to get the AtFab files to be more manageable? AtFAB_CHR

I’m going to say this came up two times for me today. I called a independent furniture maker to discuss some projects. He said I don’t know if you have heard of it but I use Sketchup. So I put in a call to my CAD guru buddy and had lunch with him. He said “it’s all in understanding what Sketchup is doing. Once you get it , you get it. I completely suggest you learn Sketchup.”

I have the same book but so far I see no mention of SVG files, it seems there is some information missing here. How did you get the SVG files? The book is specific to Sketchup so I don’t see how you are relating the Sketchup information to Fusion 360. The mechanics of how to make a joint is universal but the steps to store and assembly in Sketchup is only applicable to Sketckup.

Can you post the SVG file and how it was created?

Thank you

I’m in the same boat. I dowloded containing the.dxf, loaded that into Qcad, exported .svg. Opened it in inkscape and all parts were invisible. Selected all and set fill to no-fill and stroke to 1 px. No guaranties for scaling!


P.S. The .svg you uploaded seems to be 140 circles and a square.

I down loaded the files from the atfab websight directly. The taking apart of the model
Seems like such a long process. I will try the atfab book according to design. Have you produced anything from the book?

I’ve uploaded the .svg, but it’s invisible. Try ‘rightclick’ in the center (top/bottom) of the black space, at the left side, if you see a ‘view image’ or ‘save image as’.
Opening in Qcad, saving as svg and modifying in inkscape was less then 10 minutes.
You will still need to adjust the files to the thickness of your material.