Trouble with calibration test cut

We’ve reached the stage in calibration where we’re supposed to let the machine run and make different cuts that we need to measure the distance between but an alarm message keeps showing up saying that the sled isn’t keeping up with its current position. How do we fix this?

you can change the trigger value under advanced settings.

but this indicates a real problem.

your sled could be too heavy
you could be tipped back to too much of an angle
you could have a power supply problem that is not getting full power to the
you could have too much friction between the sled and the workpiece (unlikely,
but possible)
you can also set the max feedrate to a lower value, that will slow down what
it’s trying to do so that the sled has more of a chance of keeping up

There are lots of threads here talking about this problem and what people do to
fix it.

David Lang

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You could also see that message if one of the measurements is off for the machine dimensions so it might be worth double checking those too