Trouble with runaway Z axis motor

When I plug the power in to my z-axis motor the motor activates and turns inward form 0 to -785 so far, I have to pull the power cord to make the system shut off. I can disconnect the computer USB cord, push the stop button, but nothing changes. When the motor is powered, it starts turning inward and will not stop or respond to any commands from the computer.
So far I have recalibrated my system to or three times trying to overcome what I thought might be a software problem. I am getting some recalibration errors as Ground Control was running very intermittently However during the construction sequence one of the boards was damage a little bit and I needed some pins to be re- straightened.

So now just hooking up the power supply to the motor control board starts the Z axis motor turning, that motor cannot be turned off by the computer has to be disconnected from the power supply.

Here is where I was at I’m running on a Mac OS 10.10 on a PowerBook.
I just purchased this Maslow and put it together and the last couple of days.
And the most recent Ground Control Version 1.26 & Firmware 1.26
With a router without Z Axis I was able to cut out the sled disc and then I purchased a new Ridged router with the Z Axis capability.
I thought it was going to be smooth sailing until I pluged the Z Axis motor into the motor control board, the motor started running and it wont stop.
I have disconnected the motor from the lead screw so I haven’t damaged anything yet.
I was wondering if maybe I have one of my boards Damaged beyond repair.

where did you get your Z motor?

East Bay Source Maslow Full Kit

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Hi Raymond

Don’t worry, we got your back :slight_smile:
Was it the Arduino damaged or the shield?


The Arduino is the damaged part,some of the socket holes on the top (larger wire pins) have been partially ripped.

Ok, please e-mail us your info to:
I will mail you a replacement board for free tomorrow morning.
Hopefully it will be there on Monday.



Thank you for you help with this. I have installed the new Arduino and my Maslow CNC is now working great I have been able to cut two prototypes and have two more to go, but systems are working perfectly.

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I’m glad you are up and running, we’re here to hep :slight_smile:

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