Trying to get Maslow back after laptop crash. Z-axis problems

Hi all,

My Maslow has been running fine for the last few months until the laptop crashed last week. I’m trying to get things running again from scratch (no groundcontrol.ini backup). towards the end of calibration I can’t get the z-axis to move during “zeroing” step. “Test motors/encoders” passes on all three motors in both directions. The motor shield is version 1.2

Tech specs are as follows:

  • Your Operating System with version (Windows, Mac, Linux)
    New: Windows 10 64bit Old: Windows 8.1 32bit
  • Firmware and GroundControl version number you are using
    FW: 1.27 GC:1.26 (downloaded today)
  • Temporary frame / sled or final build
    superstrut top rail 3000mm motor spacing.
  • Z-Motor installed or manual Z adjustment
    z-motor installed with aluminum c-beam linear slide
  • Chain mount system to the sled (Original brackets or a Triangular Kit)
    plywood triangulation kit (this is the first thing I cut on the Maslow)

When I try to raise or lower the z-axis, the motor buzzes and sounds normal but nothing moves.
During the motors/encoders test the z-axis does move. Both set screws on the motor coupler are tight and both screws are landed on the rod flats.

Thanks in advance,

Disregard. Several wipes, resets, reloads, fw uploads and more alcohol :grin: got it working again!