Trying to make a stool


Ok, so I go onto Instructables because I want to make this stool:

I have three or four download options with Fusion 360, STL, DWG Rhino and something else. There is no DXF to download and the other formats lend themselves to either 3d printing or a paid software from what I know, which is not too terribly much. Anyhow, how do I use Fusion 360 to make this stool and possibly a chair? I abandoned a table plan that I was working on because I just could not get the tool paths right and I though that I should downgrade to something simpler. #CADishard

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Perhaps ask this guy :slight_smile:

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P9S - STOOL [Converted].dxf (97.7 KB)

I just took the .ai illustrator file and exported as DXF with the settings in the image. Hope that gives you something you can work with.


BTW, the instructables page also provided a DWG file which is the Autocad native format. To import DWG go to the data panel and create a new project folder. You should then see option to upload files via drag/drop or browse and you can upload the DWG and the then double click its file icon to open it up in sketch.

Here is more detail on the subject.