Unable to calibrate because of work area dimensions

the machine was not able to be calibrated, Please ensure the work area dimensions are correct and try again.

Work area dimensions? No clue what that even means.
Does this mean that I have to go through the calibration process again? Resetting the chains and redoing the test cuts and all that? Because I’ve done that about 30 times and I’m starting to think that I got a lemon when I bought this thing. I seem to have an issue an every turn.

Good lord. I saw one post that said to remove the decimals, so I did, still didn’t work. Then I added the values back with the decimals and it worked… I think I might be an idiot, seems I have some issue like this every time I calibrate. Am I doing something wrong or is this just super flaky?

Did a test cut and it worked well.

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Thanks for the update on what the fix was…I have absolutely no idea why that would be the case.