Unable to download firmware for M4

Put the M4 kit together, joined Maslow WiFi, lowered Z axis, retracted belts all without issue. When I try to download most recent firmware I get the download screen but no files listed and no way to search for them. I have the files on my local machine (Mac mini running Monterey) but do not have a local WiFi network, everything is 10 BaseT over Cat 5E cable. Should I try to connect with the USB-C port on the unit? Screen shot of the WiFi firmware download screen below.

What happens when you push the blue box “Select File”?

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Nothing. Unable to navigate to the files downloaded onto the Mac Mini. Possibly some switch in Monetery that needs to be selected?

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You want to close that window and open it in your browser:

That window is a popup and pop ups can’t open other popups like the popup to select which file you want to upload. I guess it makes sense that popups can’t open popups for spam reasons, but it’s annoying there that it fails without a warning

Got it, now on to building the frame and calibration. Might want to mention this gotcha in the user manual.

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Good suggestion, added!